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How does Reputation work?

Last Updated: Dec 14, 2011 09:50PM EST
What does reputation do for me on GameBattles?
If you maintain a personal reputation above 90% -- including the bonus reputation -- you will receive an extra 20% XP bonus for each match you play on GameBattles.
If your team's reputation drops below 70%, your team will not be able to use the Match Finder to accept matches. Your team will be limited to only posting matches. (Your team reputation is displayed on the Match Finder to let other teams know what kind of match/team they are about to accept/play.)
What makes up my reputation on GameBattles?
Your reputation is primarily made up of your dispute percentage and your user to user rating. 70% of your reputation comes from your personal dispute percentage, and remaining 30% comes from the rating that teams give you after a match.
Tell me more about Bonus Reputation
Bonus reputation is given out for participating in extra activities around the site. The following things will boost your reputation:
  • Voting correctly in the CMRS
  • Tournament participation
  • Forum Reputation
  • League Membership
  • MLG/GB Staff

How is my team reputation calculated?
Team reputation is a calculation using the reputation of all of the users on the team. This means if you have users on your team with low reputations, they will bring down your overall team reputation. To improve your team reputation, you must improve your individual user's reputation or remove users with bad reputation from your team.
Why do some users have a "-" for their reputation?
You only receive reputation after you have played in 10 matches. This means that we are tracking your reputation but you cannot negatively or positively affect your team until you have participated in 10 matches. 
Will there be other benefits to maintaining a good reputation on GameBattles?
Yes. New incentives will be released soon for maintaining a good reputation. There will also be consequences if you maintain a bad reputation. As new things are added we will be updating this article.
** Percentages listed above are subject to change

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