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How do I resolve my stream problems?

Last Updated: Aug 13, 2013 02:27AM EDT
For general problems / freezes / blank screen, please follow the guide below:  
1. Close all programs running on your computer
Programs like Skype, Itunes, BitTorrent and access to other websites like YouTube or Vimeo can decrease the amount of bandwidth available to view video from MLG.  Please close all programs and all tabs to other websites.
2. Check your internet speed  
Many internet service providers limit access to live video. Please check your speed against our requirements. 
  1. Close all programs
  2. Open a new web browser window and access
  3. The requirements for our stream qualities are as follows:
    • Low -  500 Kbps
    • Medium - 750 Kbps
    • High -  1.5 Mbps
    • Ultra - 3.0 Mbps
3. Disable ad-blocking & no-script extensions in your browser
Please disable ad blocking software as they will cause conflicts with the MLG video player. If you DO NOT use Adblock or NoScript, SKIP THIS STEP. 
  • ForAdblock Plus, click the Adblock Stop sign and select “Disable on this page only.”

  • ForNoScript, select “Allow all on this page.” This needs to be done to correctly view the Membership page as well.

4. Update Your Adobe Flash Player. 
Ensure you are running the latest version of Adobe Flash by browsing to
5. Clear your Adobe Flash Cache.
  1. Visit the Adobe’s Website Storage Settings Panel
  2. Select “Delete All Sites.”
  3. Confirm your selection.
  4. Restart your web browser.

6. Clear Your Web Browser’s Cache.
How to in Mozilla Firefox:
  1. From the Tools Menu, select “Clear Recent History.”

  2. Check the boxes for Cookies, Cache, and Active Logins.

  3. Click “Clear Now.”
How to in Internet Explorer:
  1. Click the Gear icon in the top right and select “Internet Options.”

  2. Under Browsing History, click “Delete.”

  3. Check the “Temporary Internet Files” and “Cookies” options. Then, click “Delete.”

How to in Google Chrome:
  1. Click the Wrench Icon and choose “Options.”

  2. Click “Clear Browsing Data.”

  3. Check the “Empty the Cache” and “Delete Cookies…” boxes. Then, select “Clear Browsing Data.”

NOTE: Clearing the Cache and Cookies in your browser will force you to log back in when you revisit the MLG website.
7. Install Google Chrome
If you do not have another internet browser already installed, please install Google Chrome from
8. Submit a support ticket

If all of the above fails to solve your problem, please visit submit a support request including your Internet Browser, Operating System, Internet Speed and a screenshot of your problem to

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