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How do I contest a ban?

Last Updated: May 08, 2018 07:51PM EDT
If you have been banned on GameBattles, this means that a staff member has determined that you broke a rule that justifies a ban. For more information about what type of actions will lead to a ban, please review this support article

Once banned, you have the option to either admit guilt to the ban (and reduce the ban length by 50%), or submit a ticket to contest your ban.
Admitting Guilt to Your Ban
If you understand what you did wrong, and you are willing to accept the consequences of your actions, you have the option to admit guilt to the ban and cut the remaining length of the ban in half. 

In order to admit guilt to your ban, simply click "Reduce My Ban" on the ban page.

If you choose to reduce your ban, you will no longer be able to contest the ban. In addition, your teams, records, and ranks will not be brought back if they were taken away due to the ban.

Contesting Your Ban
If you do not believe the ban is justified, you also have the option to contest your ban. 

In order to contest your ban, create a ticket on the ban page explaining why you do not believe the ban is justified. Once a ticket is submitted, a supervisor will review your ban contest ticket as well as the details that lead to a ban and determine if the ban should be lifted or not. 

If you choose to contest your ban, you will no longer have the opportunity to admit guilt to the ban and reduce it.
Tips when contesting your ban:
  • Be sure to provide information related to your ban - do not just complain about the ban. 
  • If you believe there may have been a misunderstanding, be sure to clarify that
  • Be sure to include any evidence that supports your claim
  • Remain calm and collected when submitting the ticket.
  • Remember that if the ban shouldn't have been placed - the staff team wants to correct the error too! We do not want to punish players that are respectful of our rules.

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