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What is GameBattles stance on IP flooding?

Last Updated: Feb 12, 2018 04:07PM EST
At GameBattles we want to ensure that all our users are having an enjoyable time throughout the many online tournament competitions and ladders we offer. That is why we have taken a strong stance against Host Booters (DDoS) who are users that are not cooperating with us in our aim to provide a fair competitive environment.

What is IP flooding?

IP Flooding (DDoS) is the action of kicking an individual off of the internet by overwhelming their internet connection with a large amount of data.

Because Host Booting (DDoS) is illegal, GameBattles is prepared to cooperate with Law Enforcement. 

What proof assists with proving IP flooding accusations?
  1. Begin with taking Live Record Feed (we don't accept Theatre mode) from the person affected that will show the gameplay being choppy (lagging). This has to include the game footage showing all the players and the scores within the lobby
  2. Keep recording the gameplay until you become disconnected from the match.
  3. Open up the recent players list and open up the player card of your opponent.
  4. If you are disconnected from Xbox Live/PSN then take video proof attempting to reconnect online and to the match.
  5. If you can’t reconnect to either, record the test of connection as well as any error messages which appear.
Note that we don't accept Messages/Router Logs. If you fail to provide sufficient proof then your Host Booting Accusation cannot be determined.

Not all the Host Booting accusations will result in further action taken as judgement is based on many factors, all of which comes from various sources on GameBattles. However any verifiable accusation will result in an immediate ban for all players involved in host booting.

I have proof, but it does not follow all the steps above. Should I still submit it?

Yes, we strongly encourage you to still submit the proof. The more evidence and accusations we have against a team or individual player, the faster the staff team will be able to justify banning the cheating team.

How can I prevent IP flooding?
  • On Skype, go to Preferences -> Advanced -> Connections -> and check "Allow direct connections to my contacts only." to avoid untrusted people from grabbing your IP.
  • Appear offline during GameBattles matches, unless the rules state otherwise.
  • Call your ISP and have them guide you through changing your IP address if you have been IP flooded. Please also make your ISP aware of the issue.

Let's Recap:
  • We will ban and remove any users determined by our staff to be host booting any other player during a GB Match you will be removed from the site.
  • We will ban and remove users associated with those caught IP flooding.
  • We will reset all ranks and stats of any player caught host booting.

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