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Last Updated: Jul 11, 2017 04:08PM EDT

Online Tournament FAQ

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Negative credit value
Did not receive credits that were purchased
  • Please submit a ticket to General: Store Issues, and our Customer Support team will review the transaction. Tournament staff do not handle any MLG Online Store issues. Depending on the situation, the credits may be deposited into your account.Other times the transaction may have been cancelled and your money from your Credit Card or paypal will be on hold for a few days.

I sponsored a team, and they kicked me off of the roster.
  • As the creator and sponsor of the team, we highly suggest that you never give up leadership of that team. Players may come up with several excuses for you to do this, but it is not required. Once leadership is given up, you forfeit all privileges of editing that team. This included removing players, adding player, and disbanding. You also will not be refunded your credits if that team is seeded into the tournament bracket as you willingly gave up your leadership role.

I sponsored the entire team for this tournament. Does that mean I get their prize too?
  • It does not matter who pays for a player's entry into the tournament. All cash prizing will be split up evenly among all the players on the roster. If the tournament is a 4v4 @25 credits and their are 6 players on the roster, the cash prize will be split, but every player will receive 25 credits.

I sponsored a team, will I receive all of the credits that I paid back?
  • If a 3v3 tournament has a credit entry of 10 credits per player, and you pay 30 credits to enroll your team into the tournament, you would receive the entry fee of a single player into the tournament.

Why will you not add my team to the tournament bracket? There are teams already in the second round
  • On some occasions, registration can be extended a few extra minutes for a few last minute entrants. Partial teams that do not meet the minimum player requirement are not seeded into the bracket nor can they be added after it has already been seeded. Unfortunately, we do not add additional teams to tournaments once they have been seed as doing so would disrupt the seeds and matches that are already underway.

Which tournaments are seeded by Pro Points?
  • As of now, the only tournaments that are seeded by pro points are tournaments that specify such on the rules page for the tournament. These tournaments are frequently those that will award pro points as part of the prize. To be sure if a tournament will be seeded by pro points, we highly recommend that you check the rules page of the tournament.

Why are there already matches in the second round when the first round is not complete?
  • The bracket is self-advancing. This means when two teams meet in the bracket, their match will be scheduled automatically. This helps speed up the tournament by allowing teams to play as soon as possible instead of waiting for all of the previous round matches to finish. For Double Elimination brackets, we have to place a time on Winners Round 2 due to a known issue with the bracket. However, teams may play their Round 2 match ahead of the scheduled time if they so choose to.

Why did we have to play when my opponent was over 15 minutes late?
  • As tournaments are competition based on skill, we want to have as few technicalities influence the outcome of the match. That means we may give teams a few extra minutes to get their players in the lobby. The longer a team takes to report a no show, the longer that team is giving their opponents to show for their match. Staff have to verify all no show claims for any tournament match and may give anywhere from 1 minute up to 10 minutes extra depending on the cooperation the players show.

If I play in two tournaments at the same time, will I be instantly Disqualified from one?
  • You will not be instantly disqualified from our tournaments if you choose to play in multiple tournaments, whether it is two MLG tournaments or any other site's. However, you still have the same time frame to show up and play your schedule match. Teams should not be waiting to report any no show issues with their match just because you are good friends with them. In the end, it could end up costing the team that was giving their opponent extra time the match.

Why does the tournament name not say there are Gun Restrictions?
  • We try to keep the titles as consistent as possible. If there are any type of special restrictions listed on the rules page, we try to incorporate it into the title. However, it is not required for us to do that. The rules page defines how the tournament is to be played. Each time a player signs up to compete in a tournament, they acknowledge they read the rules page and are aware of any possible restriction. Therefore, there cannot be any instances as to "It doesn't say it in the title, so I shouldn't forfeit".

Can I add another player/change my gamertag on the roster after registration ended?
  • Players can only be added if your team is seeded into the bracket and up until the end of your first match. This is done at the discretion of tournament staff and a valid reason must be provided for this to occur. After that team's first match is over, no other players may be added to the roster. If a gamertag needs to be updated on a tournament team, it must be linked to your Gamebattles profile for staff to change it on the roster.

Why are forfeits for wrong settings inconsistent?
  • The severity of the offense dictates how much of a map the hosting team forfeits for setting up a match with incorrect settings. For search and destroy matches, a team will forfeit all rounds where the incorrect setting impacted the outcome of the game. The key words used in the ruling for these type of issues is "if it affects the game play". The same ruling goes for when there are weapon restrictions on the tournament where teams must use certain weapons during each map. Therefore, the ruling is consistent and done on a case by case basis.

What does it mean when a player is evading a ban?
  • This means a player is currently suspended from the site on another MLG account and using a secondary MLG account to utilize the site and play matches. Depending on the severity of the ban, players may or may not be allowed to participate in paid entry tournaments. If a player has a severe enough site ban that is unrelated to tournaments OR if the ban is related to tournaments, they may be disqualified. Depending on the situation, the team may play man down, forfeit a single map, or the entire match. In game IP checks cannot be used to verify if a player is evading a ban.

What does it mean when a player is account recovering (ringer)?
  • This means a player signed up to play in an online competition, but allows another person sign into their XBL GamerTag, PSN, Steam Account, ect and play for them. Therefore using an ineligible player in the competition. Only in game IP checks done by staff can be used as proof to verify this issue. Additionally, IP checks cannot be done after a match has been completed as there is no way to 100% verify that in ineligible player participated in the match. Any team found doing this will be disqualified if that player has played any maps that were verified by staff.

What does it mean when a player is evading amateur status?
  • This means a player already won a cash prize on one MLG account from a tournament on the arena the tournament is being held on and using a secondary MLG account to play in an Amateur only tournament for the same arena. Also, anyone who live in the same household with a non amateur are not eligible to participate in amateur tournaments for that arena. Depending on the situation, the offending team may play man down, forfeit a single map, or the entire match. In game IP checks cannot be used to verify amateur status.

What does it mean when a player is evading a territory restriction?
  • This means that a player who is legally restricted, based on their state/territory laws, from playing in the tournament evades the restrictions put in place to gain illegitimate entry into a tournament. Depending on the situation, the team may play man down, forfeit a single map, or the entire match.

I gave away one of my other accounts to a friend and now I am banned? It wasn't my account anymore.
  • The person who creates an account is the person it belongs to regardless on who has access to it. Any penalties levied against one account may be done to any other accounts that person has created. In an example, if a player is non amateur on one account and allows a friend to use one of his/her secondary accounts in an amateur tournament, it will be considered evading non amateur status and both accounts will be banned from the site for a period of time.

Our opponent was forfeited later in the tournament. Can we receive a refund or advanced in the bracket?
  • Per the rules, teams must report any issue they have with their tournament match. Any unreported match issue cannot receive the support it needs. If it was an issue that would have caused that team to be disqualified in your match and went unreported, a credit refund will not be offered. If possible, your team may be advanced to the next round. The only instance in a credit refund is if a team is found using Hacks/Infections in that tournament. Any team that played against them in that tournament will receive a full credit refund.

The Opponent was using hacks, it was so obvious, can you forfeit them?
  • For any in game issue, whether it is incorrect settings, wrong weapons, hacks/infections, etc, the burden of proof is on the accuser. Staff have the final decision on whether or not the proof is acceptable to take action against a team. At times, staff may spectate matches to gather further proof of a team possible using hacks. For Call of Duty Ghosts, it is best to enable CoD Broadcaster when staff are present so there can be a better viewing of the entire game. For all other games with theater, you can add the games to you vault and staff can review them in there if necessary. Anyone playing in a tournament with a player found using infections/hacks will also be suspended from the site.

My achievement for winning a tournament was never added to my account. How can I get it back?
  • You can submit a Tournament: Missing Trophies ticket. You will just need to provide the name or a team id for the tournament you placed in. After it is added to your account, it may take some time for it to show on your profile.

Why don't Admins respond to me on Twitter?
  • Not all staff have a twitter account nor do the ones that use twitter keep tabs on every interaction they get. Any staff member that chooses to use twitter will respond to those who tweet in a calm and collective manner and when they are currently viewing their interactions. Anyone who shows any type of negativity towards staff will not receive any type of support via social media and will be required to follow the normal support path.

Why was I disqualified for not providing a video to staff?
  • Due to the history of hacks being able to be used on the xbox 360 console, we require that all players who compete in in a tournament on the xbox one on a game that is backwards compatible to record a clip via the xbox one's built in DVR system to prove that they are playing the tournament on the xbox one.

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