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Why am I ineligible on the team roster?

Last Updated: Jul 01, 2017 06:12PM EDT
Your eligibility status is shown on the team roster next to the MLG Username and Gamertag of each player on the roster. If you see the  icon, that means that you ready to start competing! If you do not, that means you are not eligible.

There are various reasons you will be ineligible. The color of your eligibility icon will explain why you are ineligible.

 Awaiting eligibility - This icon means that you must wait until you are eligible. The maximum wait time is 6 hours. This icon will only show up if you played a match in the past 6 hours, and then disbanded or left your team and then joined or created a new team. You will be ineligible until 6 hours after your most recent match on the ladder.

For example, if you played a match at 3:30 PM, and then left the team you will not be eligible to compete on that ladder until 9:30 PM, when 6 hours have passed.

Hovering over the  icon will show how long until you are eligible to compete. Additionally, if you become a premium member you no longer have to wait to be eligible.

Unverified Gamertag - This icon means that there is no gamertag on the roster. To update the gamertag, the player must link their gamertag/PSN. Then, the leader of the team can update the gamertag through the team page by clicking "Edit Roster".

 Banned - This icon means the player on the roster is banned from GameBattles and is not eligible to compete until the ban has expired.

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