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I'm having problems with my gamertag

Last Updated: Jan 21, 2016 05:24PM EST
If you are having any sort of problem with your gamertag, below are the known issues and the steps you should take to correct them.

Problem: When I go to add my Xbox Live gamertag, it says it has been added/authenticated; however, it isn't showing up on my linked accounts page.

  • Sometimes the Xbox authentication process is delayed. Please give the gamertag 30 minutes to show up on your linked accounts page. If it doesn't show up after 30 minutes, consult the next bullet.

Problem: I don't know my Windows Live ID (Xbox Live), or my PlayStation Network information.

  • If you have forgotten your information for your Xbox Live Account (Windows Live), you can receive it via the Xbox Forgot Section.
  • If you have forgotten your PlayStation Network information, you can receive it via the PSN Forgot Section.

Problem: I changed my Xbox Live Gamertag, but it won't update on MLG or GameBattes.

Solution: In order to have your gamertag updated to what you changed it to, authenticate your account on the linked accounts page again. This will update your old gamertag to your new gamertag.

Problem: My gamertags on my Linked Accounts Page are not updating on GameBattles.

Solution: GameBattles updates your gamertags in trigger areas, such as when you are managing teams, joining teams, accepting invites, etc. You can make sure your gamertags are updated by visiting your profile, or logging out and back in. If you are still experiencing trouble, please unlink your gamertag, clear your browsers cache and cookies, and relink the gamertag.

Problem: My gamertag(s) are on my profile, however I am purple (ineligible) on rosters.

Solution: You would need to update your gamertag on your teams. You will not have a wait time and will be instantly eligible once you re-update your gamertag.

Do you have an issue that is not in this support article? If so, you may submit a ticket to Arena: Gamertag Issues


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