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How do Free for All Tournaments work?

Last Updated: Jul 20, 2017 11:13PM EDT
Free for All tournaments have the players divided up into groups of 6 or 8 players and it is everyone for themselves.

When a Free for All tournament is started, teams will be placed into an initial Heat in Round One of the tournament. This page can be viewed by visiting the Groupings tab of that specific tournament.

Players should use the Heat specific schedule time as to when to play their game. The Round schedule time may be the start time for the whole tournament or when all heats in a previous round ended. If you do not receive an invite to the custom game lobby within 10-15 minutes after the scheduled start time, you should immediately contact Tournament Support through our Live Chat.

Out of this group, the player with the highest seed (Seed 1 is the Highest) will set up a custom lobby and invite the other players in his/her group. A lag test should be performed before the start of the game to ensure all players have a suitable connection if the game does not use dedicated servers.

After playing out the Free for All game, the top three or four players should take video and/or picture proof of the results. Once a source of proof is uploaded for public viewing, one of those players should visit Tournament Support and provide it to staff member so the scores can be submitted.

Once a staff member has submitted the scores, the players will be advanced to the next round. The next to a player's name indicates who has been advanced. The next round in the FFA tournament will be listed in the grouping tabs.

If the groupings are set to 6 players, then the top 3 players advance to the next round. If the groups are set to 8 players, the top 4 players will advance. If there are the same or fewer number of players in a heat that should advance, then that grouping will receive a bye into the next round and will not be required to play that heat.

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