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How is the XP I Earn Determined?

Last Updated: Jan 21, 2016 12:00PM EST
Arena XP
Arena XP - AKA Arena Rank/ELO is based on a mathematical formula that calculates the difference between the individuals in the match. If your team is ranked 6056th and you beat the 1st place team, it does not mean you’re going to gain a lot of points for your personal MLG Rank. Instead, your personal points are calculated based off of the point comparison between the people playing on your Team and the people playing on theirs.

Long story short – Team Points and Personal Points are no longer calculated the same way. This also means that if you disband your team often, it will not help you gain points faster! The system always knows your personal history on any given game.
Global XP
Global XP - AKA MLG Rank is determined based on how many points you have earned totally on all the arenas in which you have competed. The more arenas you have played in generally will allow you to have more points than those players who play only one game.

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