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Why would I get banned?

Last Updated: Jun 09, 2017 04:10PM EDT
Bans are distributed as a result of one or more rule violations.

Bans can only be issued by a member of GameBattles staff and are reviewed by management Staff.

The length of a ban depends upon the severity of the offense. All bans display a reason and length. Always be sure to follow our rules and Terms of Service to avoid being banned. 

Below is the most common ban reasons. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and is subject to change. 
Offense Description Duration Disband Reset
Ticket Spam/Abuse Spamming or Abusing the Ticket System 2 Days No No
Managing Multiple Accounts Managing Mult. Accounts or Double Rostering 3 Days No No
Repeated Evading Territory Restriction Repeated Evading of Tournament Territory Restrictions 3 Days No No
Regional Rule Violation Violating Regional Rule 4 Days No No
Attempting Free Wins Attempting Free Wins 6 Days No No
Selling MLG Property Selling Major League Gaming Property 7 Days Yes Yes
Staff Abuse Abuse of Support Member 14 Days Yes No
Disputing on Purpose Disputing a Match Without Valid Proof 14 Days Yes No
Cheating or Glitching Cheating or Glitching in a Match 15 Days Yes No
Free Wins Giving or Receiving Free Wins 30 Days Yes Yes
Disputing on Purpose (2+) Disputing a Match - Multiple Offenses 30 Days Yes No
Evading - Minor Evading an Active Ban 30 Days Yes No
Impersonating Staff Impersonating an MLG Staff Member 45 Days Yes Yes
Fake Proof Submitting Fake Proof for a Match 60 Days Yes Yes
Evading - Severe Evading an Active Ban 60 Days Yes Yes
Playing with a Hacker/IP Flooder Playing in a match with a teammate using Infections/Modified Console/IP Flooding 90 Days Yes Yes
Bypassing Age Restrictions Playing on an age restricted ladder while under the required age 180 Days No No
Chargeback Disputing an MLG Store Purchase 1 Years Yes No
Hijacking/Phishing Accounts Hijacking/Phishing MLG Accounts 2 Years Yes Yes
IP Flooding IP Flooding in a Match 2 Years Yes Yes
Modified Console Using a Modified Console to Cheat in a Match 2 Years Yes Yes
Proxy IP Proxies Are Not Allowed on MLG 10 Years No No

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