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How do I Resolve a Match Dispute?

Last Updated: Jan 18, 2016 05:58PM EST
In order to receive match support, you must update/report your match correctly. If you encounter a problem why playing a match, follow these 3 steps

1. On your team page, navigate to the match by clicking "View Match":


2. Report a Problem by clicking this drop-down and selecting the appropriate option. You will have 4 different options which are shown below.

Once updated, you will see issue specific text instructing you what steps you will need to take to bring resolution to your dispute. You must follow these steps.

3. Submit a Ticket containing proof after reporting a problem. It if very important that you do this within 3 hours of match time, not doing so may result in a ban. You can submit a ticket but clicking Submit a Ticket on the Match Page.

When preparing your ticket, be sure to select the correct Ticket Category, Team and Match ID. Also note the following tips:
  • Your picture/video evidence should be of high enough quality that scores and gamertags are easily readable.
  • The final scoreboard should be clearly and completely visible.
  • You should provide enough detail in your ticket to effectively communicate what happened in the match.
  • You do not need to submit links to your team's profile, match details page or the rules page.
  • You should not submit more proof than what is necessary. If you are trying to prove you won the match, you do not need to submit a video of the entire 10 minute game.
Attach your proof to the ticket using the URL boxes provided. 

Once you have submitted your ticket, the support staff will review it. Post-match support is guaranteed for Premium matches. All you need to do now is be patient while your ticket is reviewed.

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